Front end development

Pretend a website is a car. There are items that your car needs to function: your gas, brake pedals, the steering wheel. There are also a lot of things on a car that make it fun to drive and cool to look at: a racing stripe, a slick leather interior, coilovers, etc. All that stuff you can directly touch, see or hear? That's the front end.

With over five years of experience in this field, combined with the aid of technologies such as XHTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery I have been able to master front-end development. Knowledge in PHP and MySQL helps me to work with back-end developers to create websites hassle-free. Having a creative eye allows me to create outstanding pixel perfect websites.

UX/UI Designer

UX and UI are two different levels of making a proper website or web application. UX is the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution. User Interface Design is the design of websites, computers, appliances, machines, mobile communication devices, and software applications, things that focus on the user's experience and interaction.

Using applications such as "MockFlow" UX diagrams are made after a proper research. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator are the main applications which helps to create smashing websites, web applications, mobile applications, etc.

About Smashy Design

We are an experienced, creative and passionate front-end web development team, committed to producing cutting edge designs with an artistic flair that will attract and generate business and sales for our clients.

As seasoned professionals with many years of experience, we bring a multitude of web design languages that optimise our design practice. We constantly stay updated with all the latest trends and technologies, enabling us to evolve with your business and the ever-changing market.

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